Get Yourself A TALUS Today!

Tired of crying when cutting your onions? Get yourself a TALUS! He is our newest Clock who can do about anything, like prepping your dinner. What’s it gonna take to get you to buy today?

Disclaimer: For optimum performance and safety, please do not have him do the actual cooking. Those instructions are given at your own risk.

Dev Post 89 – Crash Course

Steam-powered train crashing through a horror

Victoria is widely known for its dangerous landscapes outside the capitols. Horrors and demons of gigantic proportions lurk there. Thank the lord for the steam-powered trains running through those environments. They will blast right through those abominations if you want to get to another city.

Would you buy a ticket? Or would you take your chances without boarding one of the trains?

Dev post #4 How vampires and werewolves procreate

Steampunk lady and painting website

Yes, we know now! Our vamps and wolves can create others, and it is going to be totally messy! Also, we completely reworked magic to work the same in the Steampunk and Fantasy world even though they both think it works totally different. Looking forward to the moment when these worlds collide.

Dev post #1 Backgrounds vs Classess, Calculating Spells, Conchita, conchito, humans and vampires

Your every day Dwarven couple

This week we had heated discussions on whether we wanted our game system to be revolving around classes or backgrounds. Even though this was mainly a discussion about cosmetics, it was important to us on how we communicate the game to the player. Lastly we also worked on the Spell Calculator, had a sneak peak at Conchita and Conchito the Dwarves and are working on Steampunk humans and playable vampires!