Narrative: Anthropology Team Logs

These are the logs of two anthropology teams from Sleeping Dragon. Team 7 headed for Far haven, whereas Team 4 headed to Victoria.

Team 7, log file 63 – Dr. Tzu – Wednesday 13:37 TST 593 A.E.

Automated Artistic Rendering X2956.7 – Today we came across this view on what the local populace refer to as: The Ancient Ruins. Aptly so, I suppose… If only they knew.

On a side note: The ruins here are shunned by the ‘orcs’. They consider them holy places, which are not to be disturbed. It is strange that the orcs are seen as crude, mindless savages by the other races here, while they are clearly the wisest ‘native’ race we’ve encountered so far.

Team 4, Log file 18 – Dr. Nakamura – Friday, February 6th 10:13 TST 612 A.E.

Intriguing! These people have fully forgotten their roots. Popular belief has it that mankind fell from heaven in sin, and is now in purgatory awaiting judgement. Fits nicely with all the talk about demons around here.

Team 7, Log file 71 – Dr. Tzu – Saturday, April 28th 22:35 TST 593 A.E.

Orc Ritual

Automated Artistic Rendering X3018.4 – One of our nano-drones found two of these ‘orcs’ performing one of their ‘holy’ rituals. They grow the crystals in simple shapes, using them to craft their -shall we say- unique armor and decorations

Team 4, Log file 47 – Dr. Nakamura – Friday, Februari 13th 10:11 TST – 612 A.E.

A Clockmaker working on his ‘clock’. It is astonishing to behold an uncivilised society that has mastered technology to create complex robotics, using nothing more than steam power and spring-operated gears. How they are capable of creating A.I.’s this advanced is yet a mystery.

Team 4, Log 51 – Dr. Nakamura – Thu, Mar 5th 612, 13:09

I’m morbidly fascinated! Many claim that there’s such a thing as a Flesh Clock. An animated corpse or sown together body of dead flesh come back to life. The sheer superstition of these people keeps amazing me. The living conditions here are far from ideal. Surely some project their fears on ill-looking individuals.

Team 4, Log 60 – Dr. Nakamura – Sun, May 29th 612, 00:19

I see now where the native superstition originates from. Truth be told the wolves are ghastly but nothing more, a remarkable beast transformed by the lowhow of this world. Preposterous!

Team 7, log file 132 – Dr. Tzu – Tue, Oct 17th 593, 03:17

It appears that the Dwarves are a bit paranoid, as these fortifications guarding their realm seem nigh impregnable and have even succeeded in keeping us out. Their secrets and technology will remain a mystery for now. There must be another way in, because it defies common sense that so many endothermic creatures can live off the oxygen from one single, albeit large, entrance.

Team 4, Log 20 – Dr. Nakamura – Fri, Feb 11th 612, 16:34

These people are stuck in ages of man-made superstitions. They worship their benevolent, all-powerful “god”, yet make deals and pacts with wicked “demons” in the blink of an eye. Order and chaos are a part of everyday life, and they seem to not know which one to settle on. Fools.

Team 7, Log file 196 – Dr. Tzu – Thu, Jan 5th 594, 13:28

Automated Artistic Rendering X3608.7 – Finally, a look into the vast underdark of the Dwarves. It might be a marketplace of sorts, but currently it appears empty. Easier for us to move around at least. If only they’d build the tunnel ceilings as high as they did here, we wouldn’t bump our heads constantly…

Team 4, Log 72 – Dr. Nakamura – Thu, May 26th 612, 06:00

A Preacher from Vaticano Nuovo

And here is the excerpt: “Sinners, repent! After our fall from the sky our species has dabbled with debauchery. We have lost the path our creator set out for us! But fear not! For our Lord is Just. Our Lord is benevolent! You can be absolved from your sins, it is not yet too late! Repent! Return to the righteous path. Pray to the Lord!’’

Team 4, Log 1 – Dr. Nakamura – Sun, Jan 1st 612, 8:30

We have arrived on our destination and the readings are off the chart! It seems that the inhabitants of this planet have huddled together in only a few huge cities connected by large railroads. But why haven’t they ventured out further? Are they too primitive to conquer this planet?

Team 7, Log file 249 – Dr. Tzu – Mon, Sep 23rd 594, 14:28

A Lamia adviser whispering instructions to a snake

Automated Artistic Rendering X3616.4 – Our first good view of a so-called ‘Lamia’ in a relaxed state of mind. They’re so rare that we’ve had trouble getting a good look at a specimen without it unexpectedly disappearing. Finally some progress!

Team 4, Log 177 – Dr. Nakamura – Fri, Jan 13th 613, 22:16

Observing a Vampire salon, their noble standing degrading into debauchery behind closed doors. Disturbingly, we may have a potential non-cultural intervention breach, as one of them seems to have caught us in the act.

Team 7, Log file 38 – Dr. Tzu – July 23th Monday 08:02 TST 593 A.E.

After our first investigation of a human settlement we are shocked by what we have seen. It seems like their civilization has completely collapsed after arrival and degressed back into the middle ages. Further research is needed to confirm these early conclusions.

Team 7, Log file 353 – Dr. Tzu – Wed, Feb 11th 595, 15:01

Elven settlement on the border of Lux Silva

In the lands beyond the human lands and, if I’m not mistaken, before the elvish lands is a small region where the so called plain elves live. These elves, as depicted in the rendering, are a bit more human-like than their forest kin. It is a shame that we are soon bound to go back home, because I would love to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Team 4, Log 4 – Mon, Jan 9th 612, 11:02

Although the reasoning behind it still eludes me, the inhabitants of this place have built enormous walls around their city. It almost seems like they are afraid of something, although it is highly unlikely that any kind of creature could scale walls even half as high as these. What then? What drove them to build such gigantic walls?