Narrative: Demonologist Expedition

Log 001

“Careful with those flammenwerfers! If one of those things breaks it can blow up the entire vehicle. Of course, you don’t put them next to the engine, place them next to those other crates.”

Log 002

“So you are willing to sign up and join the expedition, yes? And you know about the dangers of leaving the city? Great! Keep in mind that I cannot, and shall not, be held responsible for any injuries, and that you only get paid after returning to the city. Welcome to the team!”

Log 003

“Any strange activity that we’d want to know about when out there? Or are the demonoids keeping quiet for once? Well, I suppose it doesn’t really matter. We’ll be back within the week. Don’t keep us waiting outside of the gates when we do, because I’m not planning to die with these walls already in sight.”

Log 004

“Get a fire going, Dickens, I won’t be spending our first night out here in the dark. Jones, Roberts, you have first watch. Keep an eye out for everything that moves, don’t let anything come too close.”

Log 005

“Stevenson, you’re our demonologist. What are we looking at here and how large a creature is responsible for creating these tracks? Take your samples and write your notes, but do it fast. We have a demon to catch!”

Log 006

“Dickens, get ze flammenwerfer and torch ze bastard! Stevenson, I’m blaming you for this. The creature is thrice as large as your calculations and its teeth are all over the place. You have two minutes to figure out how we are going to kill it.”

Log 007

“Matthews, find a safe route to quickly get us out of here. Smith, Dickens, you cover the back. Keep me posted on the movement of the creature. Toller, take a look if any of the others made it out alive. We continue in 5 minutes.”

Log 008

“Alright, so who’s still breathing? Matthews and Jones, no one else? Well that’s worse than expected, but it’ll have to make do. Jones, find out how far this cave continues and if there are any exits. Matthhews, keep an eye on the entrance. Let’s hope that this place stays empty.”

Log 009

“Jones, calm down. Stop rambling, you’re not making any sense. What do you mean you don’t know where Matthews is, he is right he-… Oh, I see your problem. This cave might indeed not be empty after all. May the Queen guide us.”

Log 010

“How far left until we are able to leave this godforsaken cave? Jones? Damn it, guess I’ll have to make it out on my own… Finally, that seems to be my exit out of this place. Oh, oh no. This isn’t good. Where is all this blood coming from?”