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Æther Void is a pen and paper / table top Roleplaying game, developed by indie tabletop developer MBIT Entertainment B.V.. It features it’s own unique game system (the Æquilibrium system) and lore.

While playing Æther Void, you embark on a journey, starting on one of the planets in the Æther Void universe: Far Haven (Fantasy), Victoria (Steampunk) and Sleeping Dragon (Space faring SciFi / Cyberpunk). You may eventually find a way to visit the other planets, causing a clash of cultures, genres and play styles.


Æther Void was conceptualised and created by Mendel Bouman (Founder of Indietopia) and Ite Teune in December 2016 after getting to know each other while working on another Pen and Paper Roleplaying game. Finding a match in creativiy and scientific interests, they teamed up to create what they would feel was the ultimate balance between an easy to play role playing game that still mimics realism.

In December 2017 the studio was expanded when Sanne de Zwart, Erwin Koning, Joost Smit,
Wietse van der Schoot joined the team. Sanne has been instrumental in visualizing the worlds of Æther Void in her unique art style, now iconic for the look and feel of Æther Void.

Erwin, Joost, and Wietse set about supporting Mendel and Ite in the (not so easy) task of fleshing out the worlds of Æther Void by giving detail and depth to their geography, races, history and more.

Æther Void is currently in Closed Beta, as the team has internally played, tested, and refined the current game until it was deemed sufficiently ready for external testing.

Æther Void is scheduled to be launched on Kickstarter late spring, early summer 2019.

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