Subscription Logs

Subscription: Asshole Anthropolgist New Holo #62

”Oh, and regarding technology: Surveys of at least two of the Twelve have shown that those f&%$ing numbskulls have completely relapsed! How profoundly inept do you have to be to have all this tech and still fail to utilize it!?”

Subscription: Asshole Anthropolgist New Holo #41

Cat-o-saur vs drone

”Out for some ”field” research. Brought a few state-of-the-art drones with me as loyal test subjects. Look at this beauty! She had her way with a multitude of the bots. Mangled and mutilated them all! F@#$cking glorious! I wonder what kind of face the owner would make if he knew! Hahahaha”

Subscription: Asshole Anthropolgist New Holo #59

The stressful life of a nanny robot

Before we travel to distant planets and delve into the culture of unknown civilizations perhaps, maybe, just maybe, we should take a second look at our own. I assure you all this ”out for a park walk adventure along dangerous f@#king paths”, wouldn’t have happened if it were a human nanny accompanying these children.

Subscription: Asshole Anthropologist – New Holo #33

Serving droid serving a Bounty Hunter

Went out to meet some friends at the pub and I swear these stinking bounty boards need updating. They’re just way too nontransparent. Its great that they show bounties based on who is standing in front of it, but for the love of all that is technology, please don’t have these in the middle of the friggin’ pub!