The Worlds of Æther Void

To sew or not to sew

These are some clothing designs from Sleeping Dragon! Clothing, among other things, has roots in Asian cultures. When colonists settled on Sleeping Dragon, most of them were of Asian descent, as to why you’ll see a lot of Asian influences on the planet.

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A Look Into Secret Technocrat Facilities

This concept artwork is a sneak peek into the technocrat facilities on Sleeping Dragon. Technocrats inspect the latest developments of the welding bot’s work on their spaceship. It’s one of many ships they use to venture out into space and discover planets beyond their own.

Where would you go if you’d be able to go anywhere in space?

Get Yourself A TALUS Today!

Tired of crying when cutting your onions? Get yourself a TALUS! He is our newest Clock who can do about anything, like prepping your dinner. What’s it gonna take to get you to buy today?

Disclaimer: For optimum performance and safety, please do not have him do the actual cooking. Those instructions are given at your own risk.

The Lamia Advisor

Half-human, half-snake, the Lamiae are feared, ridiculed, and avoided by the general population of Far Haven. However, they are respected by rulers for their cunning and information networks. So it’s not unusual that they get hired by nobility to advise them, just like the Lamia depicted in the art.

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What Do You Think Of Bearded Ladies?

On Far Haven, dryads dwell in nature, and you will find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Including Dwarvenkind dryads! Female dwarves are known to have a bit of stubble (or full-grown beards), and those genetics aren’t excluded in the gene pool when a dryad finds herself a male Dwarven mate.

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

That moment when you are hunting, but then you become the hunted. Don’t you also love it when dryads become feral and are way more aggressive than usual during their mating rituals? #relatable

The Gentle Orc and His Small Friend

‘Boop!’ The orc gently taps the visiting squirrel on the nose. ?️ Animals are the orc’s best friend; they love to connect with the critters around them. Just as much we love to connect with TTRPG fans out there! We’re sending virtual boops your way for good luck during your games this week ?

What have you guys been playing these days?