‘Return of the Ancients’ and ‘Prism Bræk’ OUT NOW!

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You’ve stranded on the homepage of the tabletop RPG Æther Void, and what a timing! Our adventures ‘ Return of the Ancients’ and ‘Prism Bræk’ are OUT NOW on DriveThruRPG and itch.io.

Why play Æther Void?

Space Marines are standing their ground on the massive stone walls of New London, adding their firepower to that of the Redguards. The pandemonium persists for what seems like an eternity, filled with the ear-piercing screeches of Eldritch Horrors and the shouting of men. The gauss rifles of the grey-clad Marines sharply contrasting with the bolt action rifles and belt-fed machine guns used by the Redguards. Meanwhile on Far Haven, a world lightyears away from New London, a Dryad sorceress from the mystic forests on Far Haven, spurned by her lover, flies into a blood rage with murderous intent. Unfamiliar with the concept of firearms, she forces her will onto reality, setting his entire village on fire in an act of retribution, with the charred remains a silent witness that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Æther Void is a ttrpg where multiple genres come together in the same universe, allowing you to mix and match elements from Fantasy, Steampunk, and Sci-fi however you’d like. Its game system is highly customizable, allowing for psychological roleplay, and rewarding smart play. Also, it can be rather deadly for those who are willing to take unnecessary risks.

In Return of the Ancients, the players take control over a variety of characters, all of whom have been abducted from their own world by a corrupt faction known as the Technocrats. After the spaceship transporting them crashes near some old ruins, the adventurers have their chance to clear the ruins and take their revenge (or profit from a newfound alliance). The story continues in Prism Bræk, where after ending up on a futuristic space station the characters find themselves locked up. The goal is deceptively simple, escape from your cell and find a way off the station.

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