Dev Post 47 – Collecting feedback

As we’re sifting through tons of newly received feedback (huge thank you to all who provided us with theirs), we’ve also come to a point of debate. Our combat system is called the Æquilibrium Game System and we’re divided as to abbreviate it to TÆGS (The Æquilibrium Game System) or to (the) ÆGS. If abbreviated to ÆGS, we’d like to start referring to it as the ÆGiS, but we’re curious as to what you guys think. Let us know which you prefer!

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Dev Post 45 – Preparing for Games Expo UK

With less than a week to go before we depart for Games Expo UK, all hands are on deck to process as much feedback as possible so that we can show the new and improved version 0.3 of our oneshot beta. We’re looking forward to playtest our game with tabletop enthusiasts while we’re there.

Are we going to see you there? Let us know, and drop by!

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Dev Post 39 – Eldritch spells and starter adventure

The steampunk world of Victoria has the beginnings of its own starter adventure! A daring journey through the most vile and wicked of places, contrasted by works of machinery and wonder. Of course, this involves the creation of eldritch horrors and foul spells…

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