Far Haven

The conquest of Far Haven is a tragic tale about the betrayal of a whole population, struggling to survive with a deck stacked against them from the very beginning. This led to mistrust by design, so people turned on one another, and were it not for the discovery of magic, our world would not have had any civilization at all, just barbarian tribes bickering over scraps. The very fact that we have thriving civilizations now is a testimony to the endurance of those who survived the first generation, and those who lost their lives at the hands of our….betrayers.”

Earl Crowley –  Scholar, Sorcerer, Gambler

And Rebel.

Technically a moon, rather than a planet, Far Haven is a lush and rich world. It is also dangerous beyond belief to travelers unaware of its perils, as many of the first colonists found out the hard way. More than half of the first generation died before their time was due, by unforseen dangers, wildlife, or radiation poisoning.

Aside from the danger, Far Haven has a lot to offer for those willing to take risks. Herds of mostly peaceful grazers roam the endless plains by day, grazing undisturbed while migrating with the seasons. Below the ground, colonies of Siressers build vast and intricate complexes where they store and feed on glowing crystals. In the tectonically unstable mountain ranges, you may find yourself being watched by giant bird-like creatures, where the caves are home to Glopyisks, vicious and bloodthirsty hunters that resemble a failure to crossbreed apes and eagles.

Where the two largest continents meet, Humans have built their capital city Vimurborg on the river banks and the lands around this city are dotted with their settlements and farms. In the green forests to the west, beautiful Elves make their home among the trees, seldom welcoming strangers but willing to trade, if the price is right. Roaming across the far eastern and western plains are tribes of Orcs, peaceful whenever possible, but fierce when pushed to the brink. The wet marshlands in the north are home to the insidious Lamiae, snake-human hybrids with a predisposition to stealth and secrecy, treacherous as friends, but even deadlier as enemies. In the warm forests south of Vimurborg, the enigmatic Dryads dwell among the trees, their magical mysteries unknown to all save a few, who will never willingly divulge their secrets. And deep below the earth, under the mountains both east and west, Dwarves work the forges of their ancestors, crafting coveted weapons and jewelry.

Each race on Far Haven has more than enough reasons to distrust every other race, and the histoy of Far Haven is indeed one filled with strife and violence. Throughout the centuries, many wars have been fought between the different peoples, with swords, with spells, and even with the strange, powerful weapons of the Ancients.

Yet for all their differences, there have also been times of peace as well, where trade flourished and beautiful works of art, architecture, and craftsmanship were made, and magical cooperation led to new avenues of research for making life more comfortable. Unfortunately, times of peace never lasted long before a simmering border dispute or a bad harvest would force leaders to rally their troopes and take a stance against any perceived threat, real or imaginary. It is said that to live on Far Haven means you will see war and peace, abundance and famine, and usually all of these before you hit puberty. “May you die of old age” is a common birthday wish and genuine sign of affection.