Narrative: News Snippets

Augnet Personalised Feed – Priscilla Prime – ÆNN – May 3rd, Tuesday 12:01 TST 601 A.E.

Another law enforcement droid has gone rogue after a software glitch caused a malfunction in its neural network. While the droid in question has been dealt with, social unrest persists. The interior ministry responsible for these droids has yet to respond. Stay tuned on ÆNN.

ÆNN – Priscilla Prime – Wed, May 11th 601, 08:00

Robot lovers robot haters

Humanist Rips Off Cyberface: Protests between pro-human and pro-cybernetic sympathizers have grown violent after rising tensions over the past few days. Law enforcement is attempting to break up the fighting as we speak.

ÆNN – Priscilla Prime – Wed, May 1$&ˆ(@#&(##### H4CK3D

G0 back to your m0ther you egg! St0p with this nonsensical stuff you call journalism and go shove some planets up your fat 4ss!!!!! @ everyone else, put on your green hats… like this kitten.

ÆNN – Priscilla Prime – Sat, May 28th 601, 08:00

Giant step towards equality? Droids to have limiters lowered! Tension rises between pro-human and pro-cybernetic sympathizers. Stay tuned for more on ÆNN.

ÆNN – Priscilla Prime – Sun, Sep 8th 601, 08:00

Negotiations between pro-human and pro-cybernetic sympathizers bound to start in the capital. Is it still possible for them to find common ground and move on after all that has happened?

ÆNN – Priscilla Prime – Mon, Feb 2nd 601, 08:00

Just another Sleeping Dragon city

ÆNN has a new opening screen which you’ll see a lot from now on! Many of you will recognize the streets of our lovely capital in this shot! Stay tuned on ÆNN.