Narrative: Trader Tom’s Annotations

Sun, Apr 1st 613, 12:00

Clock is nearly finished with the preparations for my business trip to New London. All thats left to do is to wait for the latest batch of my concoctions to finish before we can actually leave. May I find plenty of gullible fools who haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet Trader Tom and his top-notch tonics!

Sun, Apr 1st 613, 19:00

Damned Clock! Due to its slowness in carrying my possessions to the station we almost missed the night train to New London. Small note to self; need to flog it when we return. But first, time to find myself a pleasant carriage, and perhaps find me some rich customers.

Mon, Apr 2nd 613, 08:00

I don’t know why I even bother to take the night train, it isn’t as if I can get some sleep with that sad excuse of a servant whimpering at every howling scream from outside. Small note to self; perhaps it is wise to try to evade the customers from last night, just in case they’ve already tried their elixers.

Mon, Apr 2nd 613, 14:00

Found myself a cheap establishment to store my merchandise. Now it is time to find a good spot to sell said merchandise. Where would we have the least guards and other officials? The choices seem to be the docks, Commoners Alley or the sewers. I recall the sewers to be the best place, always plenty of folk in need of Trader Tom’s top-notch tonics in the sewers!

Tue, Apr 3rd 613, 10:00

Met one of my previous customers today who seemed rather angry with me. Something with his children suffering from dysentery after taking my elixer if I heard it right. Managed to make him believe that perhaps the elixer was simply too strong for them, and gave him a “weaker” variation to help “cure” their dysentery. Small note to self; Have to stay away from the sewers for now.

Thu, Apr 5th 613, 17:30

Today I met this odd and weird talking fellow who seemed to have a bit too much interest in the content of my elixers. Sadly I couldn’t persuade him to buy some of my merchandise so that he could find out himself.

Thu, Apr 5th 613, 21:00

Ha! It is amazing how simple and profitable it is to sell this garbage I make to these simpletons. If only they knew. Soon I will leave this city behind with pockets overflowing with gold.

Sat, Apr 7th 613, 17:00

Curse all these filthy officials! I should’ve stayed in the sewers, the people are more gullible there. But they can’t keep Trader Tom out of the city forever!

Sun, Apr 8th 613, 03:00

Next time I will be taking the day train. First whimpering servants, now there is steam all over the place and on top of that, the train has stopped. And here I am, thinking that these trains aren’t supposed to stop! Can’t a tired and honest trader get a good night of sleep?

Sun, Apr 8th 613, 15:00

Once more I have returned to the hellhole I am supposed to call home. Clock has already been sent out to collect some new ingredients, tomorrow we will start the work on a new batch of Trader Tom’s top-notch tonics!