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Before we travel to distant planets and delve into the culture of unknown civilizations perhaps, maybe, just maybe, we should take a second look at our own. I assure you all this ”out for a park walk adventure along dangerous f@#king paths”, wouldn’t have happened if it were a human nanny accompanying these children.

Dev Post #5 Playtest #2 – Gunnar’s Guard and Lamia

Playsession 2 Aether Void Earl and Mark

This playtest, Gunnar was impressed by our party of heroes(?) and hired him to help him with his kidnapped daughter. It turns out, Lamia were involved, and as the party convinced Gunnar to lend him half of his guards to go out and investigate, Gunnar was robbed by the same Lamia! Poor Gunnar! What will the players do next?

P.s. How did Earl end up with those fancy clothes?!