Dev post #1 Backgrounds vs Classess, Calculating Spells, Conchita, conchito, humans and vampires

Your every day Dwarven couple

This week we had heated discussions on whether we wanted our game system to be revolving around classes or backgrounds. Even though this was mainly a discussion about cosmetics, it was important to us on how we communicate the game to the player. Lastly we also worked on the Spell Calculator, had a sneak peak at Conchita and Conchito the Dwarves and are working on Steampunk humans and playable vampires!

Subscription: Asshole Anthropolgist New Holo #41

”Out for some ”field” research. Brought a few state-of-the-art drones with me as loyal test subjects. Look at this beauty! She had her way with a multitude of the bots. Mangled and mutilated them all! F@#$cking glorious! I wonder what kind of face the owner would make if he knew! Hahahaha”

Anthropology Team 7, log file 132 – Dr. Tzu – Tue, Oct 17th 593, 03:17

It appears that the Dwarves are a bit paranoid, as these fortifications guarding their realm seem nigh impregnable and have even succeeded in keeping us out. Their secrets and technology will remain a mystery for now. There must be another way in, because it defies common sense that so many endothermic creatures can live off the oxygen from one single, albeit large, entrance.