Subscription: Asshole Anthropolgist New Holo #41

”Out for some ”field” research. Brought a few state-of-the-art drones with me as loyal test subjects. Look at this beauty! She had her way with a multitude of the bots. Mangled and mutilated them all! F@#$cking glorious! I wonder what kind of face the owner would make if he knew! Hahahaha”

Anthropology Team 7, log file 132 – Dr. Tzu – Tue, Oct 17th 593, 03:17

It appears that the Dwarves are a bit paranoid, as these fortifications guarding their realm seem nigh impregnable and have even succeeded in keeping us out. Their secrets and technology will remain a mystery for now. There must be another way in, because it defies common sense that so many endothermic creatures can live off the oxygen from one single, albeit large, entrance.