Dev Post 28 – Poison, roleplaying, and combat

Three sessions into our new internal playtesting campaign, and we keep finding mechanics and situations to discuss and write down. Though it’s a lengthy process, it’s a fun one! We’re also looking into possible kickstarter rewards, and searching for interesting people, blogs, podcasts, gamers, reviewers, and more in order to let the world know Aether Void is coming! Do you know any interesting people we should know of?

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Trader Tom’s Annotations – Mon, Apr 2nd 613, 14:00

Found myself a cheap establishment to store my merchandise. Now it is time to find a good spot to sell said merchandise. Where would we have the least guards and other officials? The choices seem to be the docks, Commoners Alley or the sewers. I recall the sewers to be the best place, always plenty of folk in need of Trader Tom’s top-notch tonics in the sewers!

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Dev Post 27 – Potion sellers and Fortune tellers

Today we started creating ready-to-play classes for our Steampunk setting, and discussed plans for our upcoming Kickstarter. We’re also going to playtest a lot more in the coming weeks, and have plans to bring these internal playtests to you guys via Twitch and the like in the near future! Any tips on podcast or streaming services we should be aware of?

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Merry Christmas!

In light of the holidays and the spirit of giving, we give you a unique, extremely rare photo of our artist! Full in holiday cheer. Merry Christmas from all of us here at Æther Void!

Dev Post 22 – Classes, currency, champagne

We’re crystal clear on our currency system after a healthy discussion and we’re making fast progress on classes and subclasses. Also… we officially landed our first investor! Contract’s signed and ready, the money’s in the bag; time to mysteriously disappear.

For real though, we’re both thrilled and a bit nervous with how serious this is getting, but our resolve has never been greater!

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