The Lamia Advisor

The Lamia Advisor in Fancy Clothing.

Half-human, half-snake, the Lamiae are feared, ridiculed, and avoided by the general population of Far Haven. However, they are respected by rulers for their cunning and information networks. So it’s not unusual that they get hired by nobility to advise them, just like the Lamia depicted in the art.

The Lamia is one of Æther Void’s playable races. In our free one-shot Return of the Ancients, you can play as a Lamia as well. Download the one-shot here on our website to discover more of its unique abilities!

Dev Post #5 Playtest #2 – Gunnar’s Guard and Lamia

Playsession 2 Aether Void Earl and Mark

This playtest, Gunnar was impressed by our party of heroes(?) and hired him to help him with his kidnapped daughter. It turns out, Lamia were involved, and as the party convinced Gunnar to lend him half of his guards to go out and investigate, Gunnar was robbed by the same Lamia! Poor Gunnar! What will the players do next?

P.s. How did Earl end up with those fancy clothes?!

Dev post #4 How vampires and werewolves procreate

Steampunk lady and painting website

Yes, we know now! Our vamps and wolves can create others, and it is going to be totally messy! Also, we completely reworked magic to work the same in the Steampunk and Fantasy world even though they both think it works totally different. Looking forward to the moment when these worlds collide.

Dev post #3 Our first official internal playtest!

Sketches first Aether Void Playtest

Our (anti)heroes met each other in The Feisty Barmaid in Old Harbour Town where they helped Feisty out with clearing her cellar of abomination rats. After all, what is a first playtest of a new RPG without a rat infested cellar? ^_^’ The fight was brutal, with many rat-bits flying everywhere. Yes, Æther Void is brutal, and combat is deadly (and let’s not mention magic!)