Reintroducing Original One-Shot Characters

Every week we’ve been sharing one of our original one-shot characters with their updated art and information. Today, we’ll bring you up to speed with the first three characters that’ve been thrown into the void once more. You can find their character sheets and more in our free one-shot adventure Return of the Ancients.

‘Fix-It’ Maybelle is a werewolf mechanic. A support ranged and support melee mechanic who carries a secret that could get them killed in these parts of town.

When you choose to play Blossom, a long rest will definitely be interesting. Dryads sleep by rooting in the soil and turning into an actual tree, which leaves them quite vulnerable at night. It’s needed, however, because dryads get their water and nutrients from the soil at night. At least you won’t have to worry about carrying rations too much.

Ding Lin-Lin is a human undercover agent, who specializes in high-tech, ranged weaponry and trapping. They treat others with respect until some do something to lose it. Lin-Lin feels like kicking ass and will kick down doors before even having a second thought about it. Which is nice to do so for the good guys, you know, but really, it’s all about the action.

Who would you pick from these three characters?