Playtest Notes: The First Session

‘Your vision goes dark. The moment you wake, you lie on the ground alongside other visitors of the convention taking place on A.Isle. The last thing you remember is browsing the latest cybernetic advancements, and considering sampling one of them in a virtual sim. But now the stands are closed, an alarm sounds in the distance, and it’s unclear what happened.

Four visitors, a droid, and an employee look over at you as you prop yourself up to look around. The employee walks toward you and extends his hand: “You okay? Wanna help us find out what happened?” You nod, clasping your hand in his, and he pulls you up on your feet. Perhaps this is your chance to break your mundane existence and finally do something exciting.’

What will happen next? Our next playtest will be upcoming Friday, so stay tuned if you want to discover more of Sleeping Dragon alongside us. The amazing art piece is the droid in our newly established party!