Dev Post 92 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Last Saturday, we had our final team building session. During the two sessions we’ve had, we rejuvenated our passion, aligned our visions, and brainstormed for the future. Working from home has been tough on us, like many other teams out there probably, but we’re making the best of it!

How have you guys been working on your projects during these trying times?

Dev Post 91 – Power Hour

Today after our weekly online meeting, we had a Power Hour for game mechanics to refresh our knowledge of Aether Void! This afternoon we went over the workings of stats and skill checks. Next week, we’re planning on picking up combat!

Also, some of our team members are participating in NaNoWriMo as a side quest this year! Are you participating? If so, what will you be writing?

Dev Post 88 – Mad Beasts

Mad Rhinox

One of the creatures you might encounter on the planet of Sleeping Dragon is the Rhinox. A creature you don’t necessarily want to run into because few people live to tell the story. This mad beast makes an appearance in our upcoming adventure. The second one-shot will pick up where we left off in the first one, and it’s currently in its finishing stage. So keep an eye out for that! And hopefully, you and your friends will live to see the day…

Haven’t played the first one-shot yet? Download it here on our website!