Dev Post 102 – Channeling the Multiverse

Fluff stories have been appearing in our development Discord server. And since everyone on the team is really excited about those, we’ve decided to share a snippet with all of you. So, enjoy! ❤️

A fragment of Æther Void lore:
Taking a deep breath, he focused his mind and concentrated on the spell. Almost as soon as he started to move his hands, he felt the Æther around him swirl as he focused his will to find a separate, but almost identical reality. In his mind’s eye, he saw different realities flash by instantaneously, using his hands to navigate between literally endless varieties of reality until he found the one he was looking for. He saw a reality where his skin was as tough as iron, almost perfectly overlapping with his own current situation. His hands waved around as he connected this desired reality to his here and now. As the Æther bridge formed, he sensed the familiar tingling sensation of mass and energy movement through higher-order dimensions and the ever so slightly out-of-phase look of overlapping realities, where one was substituting the other. The effect lasted only the briefest of moments, after which he felt his skin tighten, as if it were suddenly coated by a form-fitting suit of armor around his skin, gleaming in the light from the southern window.

How would you continue writing this fragment? Share it with us in the comments! 🧐